Back to Basics

There’s something beautiful about the way

The stars shine in the misty night

While you’re there waiting by the bay

Waiting for someone to share them with you tonight


I sort of forgot how much better everything is by the secluded sea. No cellular signal, no internet connection, no tech; just me and the whispering waves enveloped by the starlight.

It’s been two years since I last went here. In those two years, I have been subject to the hustle and bustle of life. Everything went like a blur that I wished I had a giant button.

Now I have returned to my slice of paradise; a place where the folk songs I constantly to are made of. Waves of nostalgia crash upon me as I take a step on this cradle of barefoot heaven once more. And as the cold night breeze greets me as I write this under the stars, one thing has been established in my heart.

I have found tranquility again.


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