“Enhancing” the beauty of Filipino noses

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There’s a saying that “If it’s not broke, why fix it?” So, what’s there to enhance in the Filipino nose? What’s the point of spending ₱700 on a “nose brace”?

Is it because your nose too flat?

Is it because it is not as chiseled and pointed as those of celebrity noses?

Or is it because we don’t feel as beautiful?

It’s sad what lengths some people will go to just to achieve the conventional views of beauty.


So I overheard these Grade 6-looking girls talking…

…and why wouldn’t I? With their individually loud voices put together and sounding like a show choir for the deaf, it would be hard not to hear them even if there is an equally loud basketball game ongoing nearby. And though I don’t really like eavesdropping or ear-splitting, unbelievably irritating and loud young girls, they entertained me in the most annoying way possible.


I was at the ihaw-ihaw, buying me some fish for dinner. Even from afar, I heard four baby bra-wielding, freakishly-vexing and obnoxiously shrill girls. I quickly shuffled away since I know they were gonna occupy the storefront.


And the long wait for the fish to be put on the grill became a trial, I couldn’t help but listen to their conversations. Some of their  infuriatingly hilarious lines include:


*holding phone* Tawagan ko crush mo, ikaw kumausap

Other girl: Eehh, nahihiya ako *grabs phone*


*whispering* Si James at si Mia daw magka-holding hands sa court. HALA


Alam ko na buong pangalan ni Fourth! OMG ANG GWAPO NYA TALAGA (which I admit, kinda surprised me since they weren’t gushing about the overtly hyped Manolo)


Ok lang yan girl, may mga mas pogi pa naman kay James eh.


But what cracked me up the most was this line:


Mag-katulong na lang kaya tayo. Tingnan nyo. Si Maya, nagkatulong, nagka-lovelife. Si Eya, nagkatulong, nagka-lovelife. Si Chichay, nagkatulong, may lovelife na din!


And that was when I understood how powerful the influence of pointless. plot-less TV shows and Movies really was.


I pity these children, actually.