I always wonder how things work or why people act the way they do. After a long time of staring, I start to look at things at different angles and in their perspective. Darn, if you gave me a dollar for all the times I spent doing just that, then I’d probably be a millionaire. Most of the time, others think I judge and/or get creeped out.

But in some cases, I get nothing.

I try my best to figure out certain people, events or things but some of them just are too complex, different, or just plain unpredictable.

Maybe that’s why sometimes, I don’t get myself either.

But then again, I should probably let them be. As much as I hate clichés, the age-old saying, “Everything happens for a reason” is right. Maybe some things happen the way they are supposed to be, like why your Math class always get stuck in siesta hours or why Dan Humphrey is Gossip Girl (seriously, what the hell?) or why Mother died in HIMYM’s finale (that was just heartbreaking) Maybe life is just sometimes plain ridiculous it works. Accepting this may probably be the cure to some people’s nuisances or frustrations.

And I could use a little dose of it myself.


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