Things currently running through my mind

– Why the hell am I staring at this wall
– Quiapo was really packed today
– I should not have wet my hair
– My SIP = probs not happening
– The little girl next door should really stop singing “Let It Go” she’s been going on for like, half an hour now
– Will I ever experience RSPC/NSPC again
– My writing’s getting rusty
– I miss Mindoro
– I really want cake
– Wow this wall is actually the same color as my favorite shirt
– I hope CJ Harris leaves AI next and Jena wins
– Calvin Harris’ “Summer” is really good
– So is Zedd’s “Find You”
– And so is Amber Riley’s “Colourblind”
– As well as Ed Sheeran’s “Sing”
– And even that annoying “#SELFIE” anthem
– I wanna take swimming class or attend a workshop or just do something worthwhile
– I haven’t submitted my Potions essay yet (I attend Hogwarts online at; it’s really cool)
– Wow I’m gonna be a senior this upcoming school year
– I can’t wait for Maleficient
– My legs are itchy
– Will I do good/redeem myself this upcoming school year
– This summer is so unproductive
– Why the hell am I staring at this wall

I really need to think less.


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