Finals Week: Day 1 (The Approval)

I woke up without any clue of what will happen to me today, or this week even. I rushed my Research Plan last night so it’s still not printed, and I haven’t even done any of my assignments. I don’t even know if my Research Plan will be approved.

I basically dove unarmed into the day, headfirst.

And when I received my printout from a tricycle driver I hired, Rochelle and I smelled fear, anxiety, and a bit of hope reeking out of our Research Plans. We headed to the Biology Lab to hopefully receive our first approval.

Thankfully, we were bestowed with the sweet first signature.

As we both continued on with our approval, the next two signatures came to us like nails to a magnet. Minimal questions were asked, and luckily I was able to dodge rejection.

Two more signatures and I’m gonna be done. HOLLA WOOP WOOP 

Hopefully the next few days of this week will be as good. 🙂







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