The Mandatory Valentine’s Day Post

Love is polarizing. It touches both ends of the spectrum of a person’s mind. Love makes people feel joyful and often feels them with glee. It is sweet ambrosia for the heart. However, whatever is sweet also has a sinful side. Love drives people on the edge, puts them on a roller coaster ride, or worse, plunge them with a sharp knife. In some cases, it brings death. Love injects people with a wondrous dose of adrenaline which makes them do even the craziest of all acts. Of all the things God has created in the world, love is undeniably one of the most powerful.


In all 15 years I have spent in existence, Valentine’s is the only holiday that I do not look forward too. I am not a nonchalant, heartless being, neither am I a sappy romantic; but nothing about the much-awaited VDay excites me. Is it because I am not that romantic enough to have a girlfriend? Or is it because I have high standards due to all the foreign romance films I often watch?

Beats me.

People of my age often gush about their puppy love online. Some so-called “singles” post things like, “Happy Independence Day”, the bitter stuff and such. Ah, teenage love. Criminally comical, these posts become the source of my entertainment on my otherwise neutral February 14th.

Even though I believe that relationships should be put on hold until the right age, I commend my peers who take a chance on love. They take a leap on a journey that leads to a road full of bumps, filled with flowers, chocolates, and stuffed bears. Though walking down that road isn’t always necessarily a breeze, the view you will encounter can even melt the hardest of hearts. 

So, to all people, whatever relationship status you are in, Happy Valentine’s Day!




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