The Mandatory Valentine’s Day Post

Love is polarizing. It touches both ends of the spectrum of a person’s mind. Love makes people feel joyful and often feels them with glee. It is sweet ambrosia for the heart. However, whatever is sweet also has a sinful side. Love drives people on the edge, puts them on a roller coaster ride, or worse, plunge them with a sharp knife. In some cases, it brings death. Love injects people with a wondrous dose of adrenaline which makes them do even the craziest of all acts. Of all the things God has created in the world, love is undeniably one of the most powerful.


In all 15 years I have spent in existence, Valentine’s is the only holiday that I do not look forward too. I am not a nonchalant, heartless being, neither am I a sappy romantic; but nothing about the much-awaited VDay excites me. Is it because I am not that romantic enough to have a girlfriend? Or is it because I have high standards due to all the foreign romance films I often watch?

Beats me.

People of my age often gush about their puppy love online. Some so-called “singles” post things like, “Happy Independence Day”, the bitter stuff and such. Ah, teenage love. Criminally comical, these posts become the source of my entertainment on my otherwise neutral February 14th.

Even though I believe that relationships should be put on hold until the right age, I commend my peers who take a chance on love. They take a leap on a journey that leads to a road full of bumps, filled with flowers, chocolates, and stuffed bears. Though walking down that road isn’t always necessarily a breeze, the view you will encounter can even melt the hardest of hearts. 

So, to all people, whatever relationship status you are in, Happy Valentine’s Day!




A Few Things I Need to Remind Myself

Dear Diego of the Present,

Where have you gone? What happened to you? You’re more miserable than the cast of Les Miserables ever was combined. Have you forgotten about me? You need some Memo Plus, stat. Please remember these things:


  • Be patient.


I know your favorite saying goes, “good things come to those who wait.” You have proven it true some time in your life.

What made you forget it?

Always remember two of your most favorite lyrics; “even the best fall down sometimes” and “your time will come if you wait for it”. You have hit your stride last year. Maybe God made you take a rest this year, that’s why you can’t surpass or even come close to what you have achieved last year.

There’s always next year. And that next year is your final year in High School. Make the best of it.



  • Stop being so hard on yourself.


You are not a failure. You are a human. You make mistakes.

Where did the devil may care, wide-eyed, light-hearted  plucky little small town kid go?

Bro, you seriously need to bring him back. He is gonna be your divine intervention. The light that will bring you back to the path you swerved away from.


  • Don’t play sad music when you’re already sad.


Whenever you feel lonely, “Edge of Desire”, “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” , “Stay” and “Say Something” are always on loop.

Are you mad?

Playing these songs in a somber state only adds fuel to the flame. Try listening to your feel good songs. That makes more sense, now does it?


  • Quit overthinking.


I know your brain is a bit different from others. I know you think in a bizarre manner. You are radical.

What happened to chilling?

Just empty your mind of all the emotional baggage your carrying. Let it go, as Elsa always reminds you. Maybe that way, you’ll be able to sleep earlier and in peace.


  • Have a little faith in yourself.


You know you are talented. You know you can write. You know that you have it in you.

Why the hell are you doubting youself?

Just because you sometimes make mistakes or you fail to reach some of your goals, it doesn’t mean that you’re not good. You just have to believe. The pieces of your perfect puzzle will come together in the right time. When that time comes, you will have made all your dreams come true.


  • Forget that you are irrelevant.


Last summer, you reached the 2013 NSPC through your hard work. Everyone saw your prowess and skill. Now that you didn’t manage to do that again and your colleagues did, let me ask you?

Does that prove that you’re no more a relevant writer?

HELL NO. Your appearance in the NSPC alones proves your skill. WhyTF are you writing this if you are not talented enough? Remember that it always depends on the judges taste. Believe in yourself, darn it! There’s still your last year. Use that to prove yourself and the doubters wrong.


With these in your mind, you’ll sure to be back in the right track in no time at all.




Always inside you,

Your Former Self

Recovery is very tricky. Just one touch of a wound or one move on a fracture and it gets worse.


What I’m trying to say is that I think I’m not making good progress at moving on.

I’m such a sourpuss.