Wrapping Up DSPC ’14



Before I start my final DSPC entry, I’ll first include one of our favorite past times during the contest.



The Voice Frenzy



When I first got my iPhone, the first app I downloaded (which I anticipated for a long time) was The Voice. Ever since then, it became a favorite amongst my classmates.


And it was no different during the DSPC.


Due to insistent demand, I let them mess around with my phone. And they savored the moment. One of their absolute favorites was Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”. There was a moment when Jik-jik managed to beat Trina and he became the self-proclaimed “Wrecking Ball King”. However, his reign was short lived when Rochelle managed to beat him.


And up until today, I still listen to their recordings.


And here’s proof. Teehee.




The Final Daybreak


I woke up the next day with four things running on my mind:

  1. What time is it?
  2. What’s for breakfast?
  3. Will I advance on to RSPC?; and
  4. Who in the world is hugging me?

I was welcomed with the sight of Trina, Rochelle, Vince, J.O and I caught up in a giant hugging chain. That has been a common sight for me for the past mornings.

There’s no doubt that I will miss our “cluster-hugs”.

After eating breakfast, we rushed to the house of Rochelle’s aunt, in order to bathe early and to avoid being late for the awarding.

We should’ve really taken our time.


The Awarding, Redux


We were made to wait 4 hours before the actual start of the awarding. It was supposed to start at 9 am. We went to the chapel and back. No sign of the judges. I prepared my opening prayer. No sign of the judges. We were already sick of the performances. Still no sign of them.

This is what you call ‘Filipino Time’, as exemplified during the DSPC.

After lunch, they have finally arrived. The prayer was prayed and the songs were sung. And the first awards were given to the Filipino Radio Broadcasting Team.

At first, they were discouraged by the fact that they did not receive any awards for Scriptwriting. But when J.O was awarded the 1st in Technical Application and Jake as 4th Best Anchor, a new hope sparked among the team.


 Above: James Orlan Sario, 1st Place, Best in Technical Application (Filipino); Below: Jake Lawrence Esteleydes, 4th Place, Best Anchor (Filipino) [Photo taken by blogger]

The final results saw our Filipino Broadcasters in 3rd place, with IHMA placing 2nd and Nabuslot NHS placing first.

Next up was the English side of the Broadcasting Contest. Like our Filipino team, our English team did not receive any awards for Scriptwriting. However, a flurry of awards soon followed, with King and Rochelle placing 1st for Best Anchor and News Presenter, respectively, Chloe being awarded 3rd for Best Infomercial and Gelai 4th for Technical Application.

Our hopes were further solidified with the spoiler given away by the PPT.

And that spoiler was actually true, and tears flowed as our English Broadcasting Team were declared Champions, with JPC’s Vicars placing second.



English Radio Broadcasting Champions. (L-R): Janine Salapare, Rochelle Hernandez, Angela Sario, Trina Espiritu, Vanessa Carmona, Chloe Dinglasan, King Masilungan [Photo taken by blogger]


However, there were flashbacks happening as like at the NSPC, no Collaborative publishing entry passed the judges’ taste. Nevertheless, they selected one winner for each medium.

And next came the thing I feared the most.


The Ultimate Verdict


Ever since the school year started, it has been a long doubt of mine whether I will be able to have an encore at the NSPC.

And the awarding finally gave me the answer.

Waiting is really excruciating, to say the least. Just when I thought that the Feature was going to be awarded next, then came another category. It was almost like being subjected to Chinese Water Torture.

And when the words “Feature Writing” finally blasted through the speakers, my heart started pounding like crazy. I took a glimpse at Ate Lala, who was as nervous as me.

They called the seventh placer. The sixth placer. The fifth placer. The fourth placer. My hands were shaking as our names wasn’t still called. Then came the top three. Top two. And when the champion was announced…

All my schoolmates looked at me with shock.

It was like a grenade exploded in front of my face. Like I was standing on the bottom of the Niagara Falls. Like somebody fired a bullet straight into my heart, and shattered it to a thousand pieces.

At first I tried to compose myself and shrug it off. I told everyone it was okay, since I had another contest.

And the same thing happened to SciTech writing. Then again, I put on my “it’s-okay mask”, popped my popcorn and continued on with the day.

However, it was far from okay. I couldn’t process anything after. I couldn’t hear anything or anyone. I was stuck in a dark, desolate room full of nothingness.

Nevertheless, I still have a heart to all my fellows who placed in their respective contests, and to Kuya Tanic and Dave who managed to press on to Tagaytay.

All our hard work did not result to nothing, however.

When the overall top three was announced, they said that it was amongst the top three last year. Naturally we would be there. Finally, the emcees declared us champions.

The 2014 DSPC Champions. [Photo courtesy of The Magnitude Online]


We managed to outwrite and outbroadcast every other school. That gave me a slight moment of Nirvana. But it did not last for long.


Closing Time


After packing all my stuff and waiting for the RSPC passers, I finally took my mask off and released everything.

I cried my heart out.

“Where did I go wrong?”, I asked myself. It was a giant punch to the face that after qualifying for Nationals, I couldn’t even pass through the DSPC. I lost faith in my writing. I lost my confidence.

Add the fact that I wouldn’t be able to see my NSPC friends who are going to graduate this year. (I just realized now that I have no picture with them.)

And I wouldn’t be able to enjoy one of my favorite places, Tagaytay, and eat and indulge at Angel’s Hills.

But what made me cry even more was the memories I made during the 2014 DSPC.

Once I go home, I wouldn’t be with 68 other loud people. It would be real silent. I would sleep alone in my bed, without anyone beside me, giving me a giant hug. My only companion would be my laptop, my phone and my tablet.

And right then and there, I was all cried out.


The Aftermath


I didn’t straight home afterward. Together with Elaine, Rochelle, Trina and Roselyn, I headed straight to Lot’s-a-Pizza for dinner and some unwinding. Thankfully, the ladies made me laugh and lightened my heart a little.

And up to this moment, I still ask myself; “Where did I go wrong?”

Maybe it was the fact that the judges were new. Maybe because I didn’t rush and only take 30 minutes like I used to with my winning pieces. Maybe if I entered the Copy Reading contest.

Or maybe lightning doesn’t really strike the same place twice; because I won at Naujan last year. Out of all the NSPC participants from OrMin, only Joshua managed to continue on to Angel’s Hills.

I have regained a bit of confidence because of my kind fellows and my family. I am grateful that through their kind words, I managed to build a part of my shattered heart.

Maybe it isn’t the right time yet. Maybe this isn’t part of God’s master plan for me.

I finally learned to accept that fact. But it’s not bad that I’m still trying to find a loophole to Tagaytay right? HAHA.

The final question in my mind goes: “Have I really lost my spark and writing magic?”

Only those who read my work can decide.


Comments are most certainly welcome.


24 thoughts on “Wrapping Up DSPC ’14

  1. Then we agree to disagree I suppose. Dress is about money sometimes well most of the time actaully. Haha. 😛

  2. What is style if you have a pair of slacks that was worn by your great grandfather on his wedding day and have a suit that has been the food of rats for over a year? -.-

    • That why creativity and her family is there. Besides, anything looks good with confidence. And confidence is attractive and charismatic. And the Prom King should be attractive and charismatic.

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