DSPC ’14, Part Deux

The Second Day


Like a true royal, I woke up late, knowing that I have no more contests to attend to. However, due to a surprising turn of events, we were allowed to have a second choice contest. I had no other choice of contest but the SciTech writing. I only had one problem.

The contest was at 7:30. I started eating breakfast at 7:15.

I almost spat out my food. With a long queue of people in the bathrooms, I had no option but to just take a bath later. Good thing I don’t smell bad easily.

We arrived at the contest area at almost the last minute. Good thing that this time around, we only had to wait a whole hour for the speaker-judge instead of the 3 grueling hours we spent for the Feature Writing judge.

I thought that the contest will make us write a feature. Turns out that fact sheet had no trace of anything vaguely fun, as we were going to write a news feature. At the point, I decided to just wing it.

And like with my feature article, I did not feel any magic.

We finished the contest at 11:00 pm, so naturally, I will be famished. And like a caveman I devoured the food. Right when I thought that I was going to finally take a bath, our adviser breaks the ice and instructs me and 5 others to attend the election.

Here we go again.


All Hail the President


I have a habit of being a bench warmer during Young Journalists Association elections.

Last year, I attended the Division elections. What I only did was raise my hands. I missed the Regional Elections. And the National elections was the spitting image of what happened at the Regional Elections.

I thought that the same would happen this time around.

As we took our seat at the election room, we found out that we were going to be grouped by cluster. Together with our cluster folks from Sacred Heart Academy, we formed an alliance with Cluster 3.

At first, we did not know who we will nominate as President. After a quick discussion, it turns out that I was going to be nominated. And the raised their hands first. WHAT THE FLYING F—. I hate talking first. I hate being called first.

Once I saw my competitors, which consisted of two colleagues, I thought that I was screwed. And it was our time to speak, I sounded like my nervous and awkward self, while they sounded confident.

As if my losing chances can get any higher.

Turns out that it didn’t. I knew that I had 20 votes secured due to our alliance. However, another cluster decided to vote for me.

And I was elected President.

Though I hate responsibility, I decided to suck it up. When I asked our newly-elected Secretary (from the cluster who voted for me) why I received votes for them, she replied that my speech was charismatic.

So apparently, nervous + awkward = appealing. O-kay.


The Voice of the Youth


The Radio Broadcasting Contest (English) was immediately held after the elections, at the same venue. Together with our contestants, we prayed and waited anxiously until they were called.

But not before I took a bath, of course. Good thing that I didn’t smell bad during the elections. Teehee.

Heartbeats heightened and prayers were lifted right before their turn to broadcast. And as we heard the intro music, silence filled the air around us.


Not a single word or sound escaped us so we can clearly hear the broadcasting team do their thing.

After the last presenter finished her report, we were nervous that they were going to exceed 5 minutes. And they did, with exactly 5 seconds, due to the inclusion of extro music.

We hurriedly welcomed and congratulated them for a job well done. However, we weren’t greeted with sunny smiles. Turns out that their excess time was due to the judge not raising a red flag (which indicates ‘stop’). That made us all nervous. All the confidence they had hung on is the judges’ “very good” remark.


Awarding, Take One


The awarding for newspapers were held that night. As always, we were expected to dress well. I had a nice t-shirt and chino shorts laid out that I was going to wear for the night. Then again, there was always a dilemma for the hero.

Our adviser did not want me to wear shorts.

I argued and pleaded, but to no avail. Frantically, I asked everyone if they had spare jeans. I was lucky that Kuya Yan Wyne let me use his jeans while he opted to wear his uniform pants. Good thing I was generous last night and gave him a Swiss Miss packet.

We were seated at the center of the gymnasium, cause we arrived early in order to avoid the bleachers. It looked like we were on everyone’s watch, since the other schools were seated in the bleachers around us.

Continuing the royal tradition of the Press Conference, the wait for the awarding ceremony was a long one. In order to pass the time, the emcees let everyone show off their talent. We were thoroughly entertained, especially with the girl who danced at the IT Congress and wrecked a display, as well as with the ladies who had the hilariously awkward “salt-and-pepper shaker step”.

Before awarding, the newly elected officers were called up and we recited our pledges. It felt scary but good that the spotlight was on you while you were making a promise.

Finally, the judges have arrived. The first award announced was for the News Page. We were giddy as schoolgirls when weren’t still called. And as the first place was announced, we were put to shame.

We received no award for the News Page. We were red with shame as everyone saw us cheering.

However, we wouldn’t put down the fight without making a comeback. The next award given was the editorial page. We remained silent as the awardees were being called one by one. And guess what?

We won first place. That’s how you pull off redemption.

Photo: Champion -Editorial Page

The Magnitude and Ang Magnitude also won other accolades, namely:

2nd Place – SciTech Page

Photo: 2nd Place - Science and Technology Page

4th Place – Pahinang Lathalain


8th Place – Pahinang Pang-Isports

Photo: 8th Place - Pahinang Pang Isports

10th Place – Sports Page


10th Place – Page Design and Layout (Hey, that’s me!)

Photo: 10th Place - Page Design & Layout


The Last Night


As it was our final night, we milked it for all its worth. If the previous night was mad, we turned up the madness up to max level this time around.

Like the night before, cards were rampant amongst the RS house. Pusoy Dos, Tongits, Lucky Nine, Bluff. Name it, we played it.

This time around however, we had truth or dare involved. Our group, which consisted of me, Jaryl, Alyssa, Seanjean, Betti and Dave, were among the last ones to sleep. The one who had the lowest card value was the one who was gonna receive either truth or dare.

We stayed up until 2:00 am just to finally catch Betti and Jaryl with the lowest card amounts. Even though our eyes are halfway closed, we managed to trick them both thanks to Seanjean.

However, the dares did not end there. When we became sick of cards, we decided to resort to the good old Spin-the-Bottle. Everyone, especially Jaryl, were willing. Our fun was cut short when Sir Nick told us to sleep, as it was already 2:30 am.

And just before I started dreaming, I lifted up a silent prayer for the next day’s awarding.


The final part will be posted up tomorrow. Hopefully someone’s reading this. HAHA.

Awarding photos from The Magnitude Online


2 thoughts on “DSPC ’14, Part Deux

  1. Oh! There’s Cheska on the sports page picture 😛
    Never knew the part that you havent took a bath for half a day. Ew. (joke)

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