Ghost of Good Memories’ Past

(I’m kinda noticing that I post too much about me not entering the 2014 RSPC. I think that it maybe becoming redundant. But then again, I can’t remove it from my mind. And this is my blog, so I get to write what I want. #sorrynotsorry. Kidding. HAHA)

Letting go can be hard. You invest so much time and emotions in them that it will seem like you’re wasting gold and diamonds once you learn to move on. That’s what makes the process scary.

Picture yourself as the lead in an old-time, black and white musical film. Take Singin’ in the Rain for example. Now take your place in that iconic rain singing scene. But this time, make it somber.

Just so you know one of the current roles I’m juggling.

The first song in the playlist is Cassadee Pope’s cover of Gavin de Graw’s Not Over You. Every word hits me straight in the heart. Especially the chorus.

“If you ask me how I’m doing

I would say I’m doing just fine

I would lie and say

That you’re not on my mind”

Admittedly, the pain of my loss in DSPC still stings hard. Not that I’m a bitter loser. Contests have always been my escape from the four restricting corners of the classroom; so what gets me is that I won’t get to escape to Angel’s Hills in Tagaytay (which I fell in love with last year). I won’t get to see my NSPC friends from Palawan and Marinduque.

The loss dealt a big blow on my confidence. Doubt overshadows everything I do then after. It still haunts me every night, keeping me awake.

However, there’s a follow-up to “Not Over You”. And it’s Pink’s “Try”.

I heard that song again as I watched Pink’s performance during the 56th Grammys. It blew the roof off the place. Her acrobatics, her voice and her contemporary dance justified Pink as an all-around powerhouse performer.

But what moved me in her performance was the words itself.

“Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame

  Where there is a flame, someone’s bound to get burned

  But just because it burns, doesn’t mean you’re gonna die

  You gotta get up and try, try, try”

It all made sense now. I do desire and am passionate about writing. I was burned. But I should not let it drown me out. I should get up and try.

The Lord probably has better plans for me. Maybe he has something better in store. As the first line to Imagine Dragons’ Amsterdam reminds me, “your time will come, if you wait for it.”

The act ended with the rain slowly dissipating. It hasn’t completely gone yet, but like me, it’s still taking baby steps.

Time heals all wounds. But what was never written was the scars that these wounds leave. They may seem not that attractive at first, but looking at them will always remind you that you have survived the test.


7-Day Challenge – Day 1 : 7 Songs Currently Stuck in my Head (And Why)

DISCLAIMER: You may probs notice that some of these are not so mainstream or from the archives. I recommend you to try and listen to them. 


7) Hear Me, Imagine Dragons

Favorite Line: Can nobody hear me? I got a lot that’s on my mind

These lyrics exactly define the thing that bugs me the most. If there was an anthem to my complicated-ness, this would be probably it. It’s also free on Tap Tap Revenge (which is going to be sunset soon. bummer), that’s why I became addicted to its mad beats. And trust me, a little bit of synth-rock never killed anybody. 


6) Bloom, The Paper Kites

Favorite Line: Oh, you fill my head with pieces; Of a song I can’t get out.

The line above sums up my love for this song, which became my one-way ticket to loving indie folk music. Everyone has a song that envelopes them in warm blankets and makes them feel like their sipping hot cocoa; and this one ticks all those boxes for me. Also, listen to the whistle part in the bridge. It’s freaking glorious.


5) It’s Time, Imagine Dragons

Favorite Line: I get a little bit bigger but then I’ll admit, I’m just the same as I was

Another Imagine Dragons track, eh? It’s been almost a year since I first heard this song, yet it never fails to make me feel good. Maybe it’s because of its catchy beat. Maybe it’s because I am biased towards Imagine Dragons. Or maybe because of the many good memories of RSPC it holds. And now that it’s almost a year since that past, and I won’t probably relive that again, it’s always bittersweet whenever I hear this song.


4) Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, John Mayer

Favorite Line: We’re going down, and you know that we’re doomed.

I always love me some John Mayer. He’s probably one of two artists whose voice I’d like to steal. Admittedly, I gush like a schoolgirl whenever I hear this song. Though it’s one of his darker ones, it has a special part in my heart. The somber yet powerful guitar riffs, paired with Mayer’s voice that makes me go a bit gay, and the general mood of the whole track always gets me. And this is actually what I listen to whenever I have a hard time sleeping. Like I always say about this song, you won’t care that you’re in a burning room, you’ll just care that you’re slow dancing with John-freaking-Mayer. 



3) Drunk, Ed Sheeran

Favorite Line: What didn’t kill me, it never made stronger at all.

The other artist that I was pertaining to in the Slow Dancing write-up was Ed Sheeran. Who doesn’t love a full-tatted, guitar-playing, gayness-inducing ginger? But all jokes aside, Sheeran’s voice and songwriting is very distinct and exquisite. There’s something poetic and deep about it that puts me in a vulnerable trance. And Drunk is the perfect portal to that feeling.


2) Stay, Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko

Favorite Line: Ooh, ooh, ooh, the reason I hold on; ooh, ooh, ooh, is I need this hole gone.

Like It’s Time, Stay is one song that was stuck in my head during last year’s RSPC. However, unlike the Imagine Dragons track, this one puts pure sadness and emptiness part in my heart. Not having to go to Angel’s Hills is definitely heartbreaking. Add the piano, Rihanna and Ekko’s harmonies and the sad lyrics, and you have a perfect theme song for your sad trips down memory lane.


1) Edge of Desire, John Mayer

Favorite Line: Don’t say a word, just come over and lie here with me; cause I’m just about to set fire to everything I see. 

Like I said before, I LOVE me some John Mayer. His voice would be, as the teenage girls say it, the perfect boyfriend material. The lyrics of this song just defines the every beat my heart is currently feeling right now. Like Slow Dancing, it’s one of Mayer’s darker songs. However, the deep meaning to each and every word is undoubtedly magnetic, and at times, tear-inducing. There’s a quality to this song that just mystifies me, that I can’t help but listen to it all over again just to find out what that is. Plus, the guitar solo is eargasmic.


Comments are most certainly welcome.


7-Day Challenge

In hopes of regularly updating this blog and killing boredom in the process, I decided to impose a week-long challenge to myself.

In the next few days, I will post a write up everyday. Probs in list form. Day 1 will be 7 _____, Day 2 will be 6 _____ and so on. Does that even make sense?

Let me get that straight:

Day 1(Sunday): 7 Songs Currently Stuck in my Head (And Why)

Day (Monday): 6 Somethings

Day 3 (Tuesday): 5 Stuff

You get the pattern. First update will be posted later.


The End of the Third Lap

Finishing all your exams definitely lets your breathe a sigh of relief. This time around however, the end of the 3rd Grading has become euphoric for me.

I started the 3rd grading with…oh wait. I actually did not attend the first few classes this quarter due to us working on our school paper. That lasted for a week.

And right off the bat, I knew that I was going to be in trouble.

This grading from hell had an inconsistent formula that consisted of few weeks of classes, followed by an extra-curricular affair, a sickness-induced absence, an extra-curricular affair, a sickness-induced absence, and finally the periodic exams.

And all my absences resulted in struggles with catching up with the lessons and requirements.

To top it all off, I had allergic rhinitis, acute tonsilopharygnitis and had low blood pressure, so my doctor had me to take a week off.

And that week was before the Periodic Exams.

I went into test day like a soldier whose only training was watching Saving Private Ryan. Armed with my sharp wit and the sharp tip of my pen, I entered the battlefield for two days. And add the additional hour for the Araling Panlipunan exams.

Boy, was I envious of all my classmates who had exemptions, cause they had less demons to battle.

The battle was tough, but I still managed to survive. And now that the war has come to a ceasefire, I stand up with and wipe the sweat out of my brows. I will now leave the dust and rust of the third grading in past.

I’ll start the fourth grading with a fresh, blank slate.

Wrapping Up DSPC ’14



Before I start my final DSPC entry, I’ll first include one of our favorite past times during the contest.



The Voice Frenzy



When I first got my iPhone, the first app I downloaded (which I anticipated for a long time) was The Voice. Ever since then, it became a favorite amongst my classmates.


And it was no different during the DSPC.


Due to insistent demand, I let them mess around with my phone. And they savored the moment. One of their absolute favorites was Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”. There was a moment when Jik-jik managed to beat Trina and he became the self-proclaimed “Wrecking Ball King”. However, his reign was short lived when Rochelle managed to beat him.


And up until today, I still listen to their recordings.


And here’s proof. Teehee.




The Final Daybreak


I woke up the next day with four things running on my mind:

  1. What time is it?
  2. What’s for breakfast?
  3. Will I advance on to RSPC?; and
  4. Who in the world is hugging me?

I was welcomed with the sight of Trina, Rochelle, Vince, J.O and I caught up in a giant hugging chain. That has been a common sight for me for the past mornings.

There’s no doubt that I will miss our “cluster-hugs”.

After eating breakfast, we rushed to the house of Rochelle’s aunt, in order to bathe early and to avoid being late for the awarding.

We should’ve really taken our time.


The Awarding, Redux


We were made to wait 4 hours before the actual start of the awarding. It was supposed to start at 9 am. We went to the chapel and back. No sign of the judges. I prepared my opening prayer. No sign of the judges. We were already sick of the performances. Still no sign of them.

This is what you call ‘Filipino Time’, as exemplified during the DSPC.

After lunch, they have finally arrived. The prayer was prayed and the songs were sung. And the first awards were given to the Filipino Radio Broadcasting Team.

At first, they were discouraged by the fact that they did not receive any awards for Scriptwriting. But when J.O was awarded the 1st in Technical Application and Jake as 4th Best Anchor, a new hope sparked among the team.


 Above: James Orlan Sario, 1st Place, Best in Technical Application (Filipino); Below: Jake Lawrence Esteleydes, 4th Place, Best Anchor (Filipino) [Photo taken by blogger]

The final results saw our Filipino Broadcasters in 3rd place, with IHMA placing 2nd and Nabuslot NHS placing first.

Next up was the English side of the Broadcasting Contest. Like our Filipino team, our English team did not receive any awards for Scriptwriting. However, a flurry of awards soon followed, with King and Rochelle placing 1st for Best Anchor and News Presenter, respectively, Chloe being awarded 3rd for Best Infomercial and Gelai 4th for Technical Application.

Our hopes were further solidified with the spoiler given away by the PPT.

And that spoiler was actually true, and tears flowed as our English Broadcasting Team were declared Champions, with JPC’s Vicars placing second.



English Radio Broadcasting Champions. (L-R): Janine Salapare, Rochelle Hernandez, Angela Sario, Trina Espiritu, Vanessa Carmona, Chloe Dinglasan, King Masilungan [Photo taken by blogger]


However, there were flashbacks happening as like at the NSPC, no Collaborative publishing entry passed the judges’ taste. Nevertheless, they selected one winner for each medium.

And next came the thing I feared the most.


The Ultimate Verdict


Ever since the school year started, it has been a long doubt of mine whether I will be able to have an encore at the NSPC.

And the awarding finally gave me the answer.

Waiting is really excruciating, to say the least. Just when I thought that the Feature was going to be awarded next, then came another category. It was almost like being subjected to Chinese Water Torture.

And when the words “Feature Writing” finally blasted through the speakers, my heart started pounding like crazy. I took a glimpse at Ate Lala, who was as nervous as me.

They called the seventh placer. The sixth placer. The fifth placer. The fourth placer. My hands were shaking as our names wasn’t still called. Then came the top three. Top two. And when the champion was announced…

All my schoolmates looked at me with shock.

It was like a grenade exploded in front of my face. Like I was standing on the bottom of the Niagara Falls. Like somebody fired a bullet straight into my heart, and shattered it to a thousand pieces.

At first I tried to compose myself and shrug it off. I told everyone it was okay, since I had another contest.

And the same thing happened to SciTech writing. Then again, I put on my “it’s-okay mask”, popped my popcorn and continued on with the day.

However, it was far from okay. I couldn’t process anything after. I couldn’t hear anything or anyone. I was stuck in a dark, desolate room full of nothingness.

Nevertheless, I still have a heart to all my fellows who placed in their respective contests, and to Kuya Tanic and Dave who managed to press on to Tagaytay.

All our hard work did not result to nothing, however.

When the overall top three was announced, they said that it was amongst the top three last year. Naturally we would be there. Finally, the emcees declared us champions.

The 2014 DSPC Champions. [Photo courtesy of The Magnitude Online]


We managed to outwrite and outbroadcast every other school. That gave me a slight moment of Nirvana. But it did not last for long.


Closing Time


After packing all my stuff and waiting for the RSPC passers, I finally took my mask off and released everything.

I cried my heart out.

“Where did I go wrong?”, I asked myself. It was a giant punch to the face that after qualifying for Nationals, I couldn’t even pass through the DSPC. I lost faith in my writing. I lost my confidence.

Add the fact that I wouldn’t be able to see my NSPC friends who are going to graduate this year. (I just realized now that I have no picture with them.)

And I wouldn’t be able to enjoy one of my favorite places, Tagaytay, and eat and indulge at Angel’s Hills.

But what made me cry even more was the memories I made during the 2014 DSPC.

Once I go home, I wouldn’t be with 68 other loud people. It would be real silent. I would sleep alone in my bed, without anyone beside me, giving me a giant hug. My only companion would be my laptop, my phone and my tablet.

And right then and there, I was all cried out.


The Aftermath


I didn’t straight home afterward. Together with Elaine, Rochelle, Trina and Roselyn, I headed straight to Lot’s-a-Pizza for dinner and some unwinding. Thankfully, the ladies made me laugh and lightened my heart a little.

And up to this moment, I still ask myself; “Where did I go wrong?”

Maybe it was the fact that the judges were new. Maybe because I didn’t rush and only take 30 minutes like I used to with my winning pieces. Maybe if I entered the Copy Reading contest.

Or maybe lightning doesn’t really strike the same place twice; because I won at Naujan last year. Out of all the NSPC participants from OrMin, only Joshua managed to continue on to Angel’s Hills.

I have regained a bit of confidence because of my kind fellows and my family. I am grateful that through their kind words, I managed to build a part of my shattered heart.

Maybe it isn’t the right time yet. Maybe this isn’t part of God’s master plan for me.

I finally learned to accept that fact. But it’s not bad that I’m still trying to find a loophole to Tagaytay right? HAHA.

The final question in my mind goes: “Have I really lost my spark and writing magic?”

Only those who read my work can decide.


Comments are most certainly welcome.

DSPC ’14, Part Deux

The Second Day


Like a true royal, I woke up late, knowing that I have no more contests to attend to. However, due to a surprising turn of events, we were allowed to have a second choice contest. I had no other choice of contest but the SciTech writing. I only had one problem.

The contest was at 7:30. I started eating breakfast at 7:15.

I almost spat out my food. With a long queue of people in the bathrooms, I had no option but to just take a bath later. Good thing I don’t smell bad easily.

We arrived at the contest area at almost the last minute. Good thing that this time around, we only had to wait a whole hour for the speaker-judge instead of the 3 grueling hours we spent for the Feature Writing judge.

I thought that the contest will make us write a feature. Turns out that fact sheet had no trace of anything vaguely fun, as we were going to write a news feature. At the point, I decided to just wing it.

And like with my feature article, I did not feel any magic.

We finished the contest at 11:00 pm, so naturally, I will be famished. And like a caveman I devoured the food. Right when I thought that I was going to finally take a bath, our adviser breaks the ice and instructs me and 5 others to attend the election.

Here we go again.


All Hail the President


I have a habit of being a bench warmer during Young Journalists Association elections.

Last year, I attended the Division elections. What I only did was raise my hands. I missed the Regional Elections. And the National elections was the spitting image of what happened at the Regional Elections.

I thought that the same would happen this time around.

As we took our seat at the election room, we found out that we were going to be grouped by cluster. Together with our cluster folks from Sacred Heart Academy, we formed an alliance with Cluster 3.

At first, we did not know who we will nominate as President. After a quick discussion, it turns out that I was going to be nominated. And the raised their hands first. WHAT THE FLYING F—. I hate talking first. I hate being called first.

Once I saw my competitors, which consisted of two colleagues, I thought that I was screwed. And it was our time to speak, I sounded like my nervous and awkward self, while they sounded confident.

As if my losing chances can get any higher.

Turns out that it didn’t. I knew that I had 20 votes secured due to our alliance. However, another cluster decided to vote for me.

And I was elected President.

Though I hate responsibility, I decided to suck it up. When I asked our newly-elected Secretary (from the cluster who voted for me) why I received votes for them, she replied that my speech was charismatic.

So apparently, nervous + awkward = appealing. O-kay.


The Voice of the Youth


The Radio Broadcasting Contest (English) was immediately held after the elections, at the same venue. Together with our contestants, we prayed and waited anxiously until they were called.

But not before I took a bath, of course. Good thing that I didn’t smell bad during the elections. Teehee.

Heartbeats heightened and prayers were lifted right before their turn to broadcast. And as we heard the intro music, silence filled the air around us.


Not a single word or sound escaped us so we can clearly hear the broadcasting team do their thing.

After the last presenter finished her report, we were nervous that they were going to exceed 5 minutes. And they did, with exactly 5 seconds, due to the inclusion of extro music.

We hurriedly welcomed and congratulated them for a job well done. However, we weren’t greeted with sunny smiles. Turns out that their excess time was due to the judge not raising a red flag (which indicates ‘stop’). That made us all nervous. All the confidence they had hung on is the judges’ “very good” remark.


Awarding, Take One


The awarding for newspapers were held that night. As always, we were expected to dress well. I had a nice t-shirt and chino shorts laid out that I was going to wear for the night. Then again, there was always a dilemma for the hero.

Our adviser did not want me to wear shorts.

I argued and pleaded, but to no avail. Frantically, I asked everyone if they had spare jeans. I was lucky that Kuya Yan Wyne let me use his jeans while he opted to wear his uniform pants. Good thing I was generous last night and gave him a Swiss Miss packet.

We were seated at the center of the gymnasium, cause we arrived early in order to avoid the bleachers. It looked like we were on everyone’s watch, since the other schools were seated in the bleachers around us.

Continuing the royal tradition of the Press Conference, the wait for the awarding ceremony was a long one. In order to pass the time, the emcees let everyone show off their talent. We were thoroughly entertained, especially with the girl who danced at the IT Congress and wrecked a display, as well as with the ladies who had the hilariously awkward “salt-and-pepper shaker step”.

Before awarding, the newly elected officers were called up and we recited our pledges. It felt scary but good that the spotlight was on you while you were making a promise.

Finally, the judges have arrived. The first award announced was for the News Page. We were giddy as schoolgirls when weren’t still called. And as the first place was announced, we were put to shame.

We received no award for the News Page. We were red with shame as everyone saw us cheering.

However, we wouldn’t put down the fight without making a comeback. The next award given was the editorial page. We remained silent as the awardees were being called one by one. And guess what?

We won first place. That’s how you pull off redemption.

Photo: Champion -Editorial Page

The Magnitude and Ang Magnitude also won other accolades, namely:

2nd Place – SciTech Page

Photo: 2nd Place - Science and Technology Page

4th Place – Pahinang Lathalain


8th Place – Pahinang Pang-Isports

Photo: 8th Place - Pahinang Pang Isports

10th Place – Sports Page


10th Place – Page Design and Layout (Hey, that’s me!)

Photo: 10th Place - Page Design & Layout


The Last Night


As it was our final night, we milked it for all its worth. If the previous night was mad, we turned up the madness up to max level this time around.

Like the night before, cards were rampant amongst the RS house. Pusoy Dos, Tongits, Lucky Nine, Bluff. Name it, we played it.

This time around however, we had truth or dare involved. Our group, which consisted of me, Jaryl, Alyssa, Seanjean, Betti and Dave, were among the last ones to sleep. The one who had the lowest card value was the one who was gonna receive either truth or dare.

We stayed up until 2:00 am just to finally catch Betti and Jaryl with the lowest card amounts. Even though our eyes are halfway closed, we managed to trick them both thanks to Seanjean.

However, the dares did not end there. When we became sick of cards, we decided to resort to the good old Spin-the-Bottle. Everyone, especially Jaryl, were willing. Our fun was cut short when Sir Nick told us to sleep, as it was already 2:30 am.

And just before I started dreaming, I lifted up a silent prayer for the next day’s awarding.


The final part will be posted up tomorrow. Hopefully someone’s reading this. HAHA.

Awarding photos from The Magnitude Online

DSPC ’14, at first glance

My 3rd time in the Division Schools Press Conference was quite polarizing. It’s been a week since, but flashbacks still circulate In my head.


Day Zero


I arrived home the evening before the DSPC. But before going home, my parents sent all my heavy baggage to a bus company a day before so I will commute easily without the bulky stuff.

It turns out that I arrived earlier than my luggage.

I woke the morning of our departure to the venue without any idea how everything will turn out. I was even wondering if my baggage will arrive that morning.

The hours passed by. Tick tock went the clock. I was worried that I might get ditched because we were supposed to leave after lunch, around 12:45. Finally they arrived at 10am. However, the series of unfortunate events did not end just yet.

I had a hard time opening the trolley bag, since it was old and the lock was probably dysfunctional. I called my mom for help but nothing worked. In the end, we resorted to breaking the lock open in order for me to finish packing up.

I still did not arrive in time, however. By time I got there, they already left moments ago.

Frantically, I hailed a van. Armed with my luggage and wallet in hand and a John Mayer playlist in my ears, I embarked on a good chase.

I did not know where I will go. Luckily, one of my fellow participants answered to my text and directed where I should go. And I arrived in there just as they did. (Luckily, they got lost around town as well. HAHA)

Our quarters was a mosquito-infested, fan-less room with an open CR that had little to no running water. Wham. Bam. F*ck you clam. (Excuse my French) But seriously though. It wasn’t even a consolation that it was in front of a cemetery.

Thankfully, the event supervisor allowed us to move into a rented house. It looked like a traditional Spanish house from the 1970’s, kind of reminiscent to the one our family has in Occidental Mindoro.

At first, we were scared sh*tless because it reminded us of one of those haunted houses in horror movies. And when we found our respective sleeping spots, my mates and I had a hard time sleeping that night due to mosquitos kissing our butts. And arms. And legs. And necks. 

In summary, it was all a BIG CLUSTERF***.


Day One, Morning Edition


I wasn’t a happy camper when I woke up. Our sleep was like those scratched CDs, which played smoothly and the stops repeatedly on a verse.

The food was surprisingly good however, since we opted to shy away from the official caterers.

My day couldn’t be more consistent though. There was an endless queue for the two bathrooms. This is what happens when you put 69 (I’m not sure) students in a single house, with some of them taking decades for their morning routines. 

I tried to go to our original quarters to try and take a bath. Turns out that it was occupied by another school.

As if it could get even worse.

I was wrong. It turns out that my two contests will be held simultaneously in the afternoon. Like fragile glass, my heart shattered into thousand pieces on the floor.

On the plus side, I didn’t need to take a bath early. HA!


 The Contest Proper


We arrived at the contest proper early for us to get front row seats. Turns out that changes were made and we, apparently, have to rush to the gymnasium. We took the front row seats. We got in there in time. We were armed and ready. There was just one thing missing. 

The speaker-judge. 

And we waited for her. I slept for over an hour. She still hasn’t arrived. I bought snacks outside. She still hasn’t arrived.

And it bothered me that the precious minutes I spent waiting for our speaker-judge to pop out could’ve been spent in the Copy Reading contest. We tried negotiating with the coordinators if we can just continue on with our other contest while waiting for the speaker-judge. They let us. 

Faith cannot agree with us however, since our adviser did not want us to leave.

After 3 hours, the speaker-judge has finally entered the building.

The lecture went by like a breeze. Literally though, it was 5 minutes of apologies for being late and 7 minutes of lecture then snap, bring out your pens. 

Once the tip of my ballpen landed on the paper, I was unstoppable. I wrote on while trying to find my most comfortable position. And when I finished my work with an encircled sharp, I felt something different.

The magic wasn’t there. 

I tried to brush it off and quickly headed to quarters, since I was hungry like a wolf.

My fellows were anxious to know what my article was going to be like, since everyone expects me to move on to RSPC. I showed them the pictures of my work. Most of them were impressed.

Still, I did not feel the magic, unlike my previous contest pieces.


Day One, Nighttime Edition


When we were handing out dinner, I noticed that we were incomplete. Turns out that the Collaborative Writing contest, which was supposed to start in the morning, was just seeing its beginning at 8pm. And what I heard was that when dinner was handed to our participants, they only had three bites since food was apparently, not allowed inside the contest proper.

I felt bad for them, since most of them were my friends. Together with Chloe and Vince, we hurriedly brought them water.

When we came back to the quarters, I heard a familiar sound.

The sound of shuffling cards. 

My sleepy soul was then awoken. Turns out, the fourth years were playing Tongits and Pusoy Dos to pass the time. I, being the card game enthusiast, quickly joined them. I quickly became an almost unbeatable player (with Ate Rachiel being the undefeated one) with sheer dumb luck with my cards.

Since the night was still young, we decided to continue on with our antics. Our all-time favorite drink, Swiss Miss, was in attendance. Hugs were rampant along with lots bro-mantic kisses that almost landed. Though I love messing around, I admit that Jik-jik’s kiss made me nervous. 

Day One ended on a high note, with a good nights’ sleep, thanks to mosquito coil.


If anyone’s reading this, part two will be posted tomorrow. 😉